Welcome to the Fan Revolution

It's time to take back our sports.  This is the fan's game and the players are just living in it.  As fans, we know what it's like to support our sports and our teams -- that's why we wanted to create kick-ass gear that celebrates our craziness.  There are too many big brands telling you want you should wear.  Our gear is made for the fans by the fans.

Fan Chimp is about wearing what you want to wear and expressing yourself and your love for the game. We share your passion and use it as fuel to create each design.  We invite you to share in that passion with us.  If you have an awesome idea for design, we want to hear it. If we decide to print your idea, not only will you become fan famous, but you will also earn a lifetime 3% royalty on all sales.

Time to suit up in your Fan Uniform and let's change the sport's apparel world together!